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Vanessa Castro-Rodríguez

I’m a molecular biologist with a Ph.D. and over 14 years of lab experience. My expertise lies in nitrogen (N) signaling and metabolism in plants ecologically and economically relevant. Beyond research, I’m passionate about scientific outreach and mentoring students. Recently, I am working on monitoring N and C metabolites, with the potential to significantly contribute to our understanding of nitrogen signaling and metabolism in forest plants.
Improving nitrogen uptake and distribution in plants

Enhancing nitrogen efficiency for sustainable agriculture

Nitrogen (N) is a key essential nutrient for plants, and crop yields heavily rely on a substantial input of nitrogen fertilizers. However, the annual production of nitrogen fertilizers consumes a significant portion of global energy production and contributes to environmental pollution. To promote more efficient uptake and utilization of nitrogen by cultivated plants, we need a better understanding of the cellular basis of nitrogen acquisition and distribution from roots to the rest of the plant.

Key questions

Where, when, and how do roots acquire nitrogen?
How do plants control the uptake and distribution of nitrogen?
What technologies can provide the necessary spatial and temporal resolution
to monitor nitrogen acquisition and regulation?

Our Approach

This project aims to enhance these tools, implement them in plants, and directly monitor nitrogen acquisition. Additionally, we will integrate knowledge from various sources of plant biology to create a spatial-temporal map of nitrogen acquisition in roots under different nitrogen regimes. This project will also train the next generation of scientists, with a focus on improving plant root efficiency to reduce fertilizer usage.

Development of new nitrogen biosensors for real-time monitoring in forest-
related plantsreal en las plantas de interés forestal

Uncovering the secrets of nitrogen distribution

Understanding nitrogen transport and assimilation in plants is a complex challenge with many unanswered questions. We are developing biosensors based on «Matryoshka», a minimally invasive tool that has proven valuable for monitoring ion and metabolite levels with high spatial and temporal resolution.

Key questions

Which nitrogen transporter is active in which root cell?
Under what conditions is the transporter active?
What is the path that nitrogen follows in the roots from the soil to the vascular

Use of N biosensors in advanced plant research

Deciphering the role of glutamate in nitrogen distribution

Nitrogen uptake in plants is controlled by multiple factors, such as N levels, the plant’s energy state, and N assimilation capacity, depending on soil limitations. Mobile signals play a role in coordinating the distribution of this N. New Glu biosensors will allow us to address intriguing questions about the role of glutamate as a signaling molecule in plants and its potential involvement in signal generation or decoding.


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